Bike to Work Scheme

Bike to work in three easy steps

  1. Come into us and choose your bike, clothing and accessories. You can test ride the bike if you would like to.
  2. We will give you a written quote with the bike, clothing and accessories you have chosen.
  3. Bring the quote to your employer and they will organise the payment and you can then collect your new bike.

More Info

  1. Your employer will then subtract the money from your salary over an agreed period of time (usually over period of 6 months or a year).
  2. If you are on the higher tax rate you will only pay approximately half of what is subtracted (i.e. if you have spent €1,000 approximately €480 will be subtracted).
  3. Individuals who are directors, self-employed or sole traders can also avail of the bike to work scheme. This is usually done by making a payment from your business account and your accountant will take of your tax credit

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